UCAC partners with Andy Markowski of Statehouse Associates to provide lobbying services and government relations support for our members. UCAC represents the interests of the utility contracting industry in Connecticut at the State Capitol and across state regulatory agencies.

As a UCAC member, you have the unique benefit of being able to access and view all of the legislation that we are tracking on behalf of the utility contracting industry in Connecticut.  Through our partnership with our lobbyist, UCAC is able to bring you this real-time overview of the many bills at the State Capitol that are of interest to contractors and the association.  To view the latest status on any of these legislative proposals, please click on the highlighted bill number in the box to the right.

How to Find and Contact Your State Legislators

Have a question? Want to express your opinion? Just want to know who represents you in Hartford? Go to the website below and enter your home and/or business address to look up your state legislators. All it takes is a few quick clicks and you can visit their official webpage, email them, or get their office phone number to make a call. As a UCAC member, your voice matters!


What’s Happening at the State Capitol

The Bulletin, published daily while the Connecticut General Assembly is in session, shows the schedule for legislative sessions, committee meetings, public hearings, other events happening and notes of interest at the State Capitol and Legislative Office Building.


For More Information

If you have questions on legislation or regulations or if you would like more information on an issue, please feel free to contact the UCAC Office or UCAC’s Lobbyist Andy Markowski of Statehouse Associates at: (860) 707-3620 or aem@statehouseassociates.com.