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Join the utility construction community at one of the key events of the year!

The UCAC Annual Meeting is the perfect opportunity to network with contractors, suppliers and service providers from across the state of Connecticut. We’ll take care of some business with the Annual Election of new Board Members and hear from Brent McCartney, Educational Consultant at the Connecticut Technical Education and Career System and Keynote Speaker Wally Adamchik, CMC, CSP, MBA. After the business has been handled, we have some fun with DJ Tony. And there’s plenty of room if you decide you want to bust a move!

Keynote Presentation by Wally Adamchik: “Contractor Culture for the 21st Century”


It has been said that culture eats strategy for lunch. While this is may be true, what does a winning culture look like? Is that even possible in construction? How do you create it at the team or company level? This fast-paced, thought-provoking session will give you the “what and how” of culture creation for contractors. In an increasingly complex and uncertain world, the key to your future success is a values-based culture built on trust, communication and agility. Says easy, does harder as values are more buzzword than business reality today and it seems people don’t want to work. One of your primary roles as a business leader is to be the culture guardian and steward for your team! This soft concept translates into bottom-line success and this presentation will get you there.

About Wally Adamchik


In his youth, Wally often worked with his father and brother in construction. Both master craftsmen, they insisted upon and produced top-quality work. He learned more about excellence and first-rate performance from his mother, who was the first woman to referee a basketball game at Madison Square Garden. His parents encouraged him to achieve and he now encourages others to do the same. In his senior year at the University of Notre Dame, Wally was the mascot—that’s right, he was the Leprechaun. Win or lose. Rain or shine. Home or away. Wally put 100 % of himself into the game. This same level of commitment defines his work today. His total focus is on meeting your needs and delivering tailored solutions to make a positive and lasting effect on your business.

As an Officer of Marines, Wally deployed throughout the world to participate in training, peace-keeping, and combat operations. First, as commander in a tank battalion and then, as the pilot of AH-1W Super Cobra attack helicopters, he sought out the challenging assignments. His years in the Corps honed his motivational and training skills. His influence remains in a legacy of Marines who provide inspired leadership for this country and for their organizations. Seeking a new challenge, Wally entered the hyper-competitive private sector to apply his leadership philosophy to the pursuit of operational excellence in business. He was recognized for superior performance and award-winning leadership at two national restaurant companies. At the same time, he earned his Master of Business Administration degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The next step up was a move into consulting and speaking. As a Senior Consultant with FMI, management consultants to the construction industry, his clients recognized his solutions as practical, profitable, and powerful. He founded FireStarter Speaking and Consulting in response to demands from organizations for relevant and effective leadership development. He understands the Fortune 500 firm as well as he does the family business and is able to modify his approach to make an impact in both. Wally recognizes that a good presentation is one that galvanizes the audience. If people are not inspired to use the material and take action, then the speech was merely entertainment. Practicing what he preaches about family balance and quality of life, Wally believes that true change only happens when you make a true commitment. He understands the importance of scheduling time for the things that truly matter: his family, his friends, his clients, and his own personal interests (golf and exercise). This total approach to life gives you a complete speaker who connects with your audience on a human level and sparks a fire in them–the fire that leads to great achievement.

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